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What Are the Advantages of a Tile Swimming Pool?


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Sometimes swimming pool tile is only looked at as a decorative, over the waterline add-on. For vinyl lined and fiberglass pools, waterline tiles help the shell or liner stay sealed and do wonders giving them a luxurious appearance. But let’s not think of pool tiles as just a decoration. Picture your entire pool covered in tile, projecting resort-style elegance. Each type of pool has benefits. So, what are the advantages of a tile swimming pool?

There’s Value in Tile

 There’s no denying the premium cost for a tile swimming pool. When you purchase a tile swimming pool, you are going to experience the utmost quality in pools. When purchasing a pool, one of the deciding factors is the value it will add to a property. That figure can be the driving force to the types of pool considered and ultimately, the one selected. 

With a tile swimming pool, you not only have a visually pleasing summer retreat, but a backyard addition that sparks a sense of monetary value. And it can work wonders for the resale of a property. There’s a good amount of choices for purchasing a pool, from less expensive vinyl lined pools to custom shotcrete pools. However, if property value plays an important part in which type of pool is best for you to purchase, a premium tile swimming pool is an option. Mastercraft Pool & Spa sells Nespa Tiled Pools as well as Nespa Tiled Spas that are factory built with exquisite finishes of your choice. 

Tiles Come in Beautiful Finishes

 Tile swimming pools such as Mastercraft’s Nespa Tiled Pools have a wide selection of tile finishes to choose from. The standard types of tiles are porcelain and glass mosaic tiles, with glass generally being the more expensive of the two. However, glass tiles come in a wide range of colors and their shimmering effect is unmatched. If you’re very budget conscious, want a tile that’s durable, and usually readily available, then shop for porcelain tiles. Nespa Tiled Pools also offer custom handmade tiles as well as stone and slate options for finishes. Each of these finishes are beautiful and each one conveys a different ambiance. Regardless of the finish, tile swimming pools add a touch of classiness to your backyard staycation.  

Other Advantages of a Tile Swimming Pool

 Besides value and beauty, tile swimming pools have other advantages as well. If you’re wondering how long a tile pool lasts, it really does come down to the maintenance and upkeep of the pool. A great advantage to a tile swimming pool is that the tiles are easy to clean compared to other surfaces such as concrete. Of course, maintaining chemical balances of your pool water is an important part of maintenance too. Keeping build-up at a minimum in your pool water helps pool tiles to stay in great shape. The Mastercraft Pool & Spa service technicians are your go-to experts for your tile swimming pool maintenance needs. 

Another advantage of a tile swimming pool is the way it feels. Tiles are silky smooth which are sure to please the littlest feet in your pool. How many times have you stubbed your toe on a glass mosaic tile? Exactly. Sure, a tile swimming pool is a larger investment compared to other types of pools. However, with the information provided, you no longer have to wonder, “What are the advantages of a tile swimming pool?” Contact Mastercraft Pool & Spa to discuss your tile swimming pool design today.


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