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What Is the difference between a Jacuzzi, Spa, and Hot Tub?


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First things first, not all spas or hot tubs are a Jacuzzi®. The name Jacuzzi actually refers to a specific brand of hot tubs. However, those unfamiliar with hot tub brands often use the word Jacuzzi, spa, and hot tub interchangeably. But trust us—there is a difference between a Jacuzzi, spa, and hot tub! Here’s some tips on how to tell them apart and find the right hot tub for you.

Jacuzzi is a Well-Known Hot Tub Brand

The Jacuzzi Brand was birthed from a family of inventors in the 1900’s. The brand’s first submersible pump led the way to the Jacuzzi hot tubs you hear about today. The Jacuzzi brothers’ knowledge from inventions such as the submersible pump helped them create the J-300, a hydrotherapy pump, that was portable and could be used in standard bathtubs. In 1968, the Jacuzzi Roman whirlpool bath with integrated jets was created. It made way for the invention of today’s hot tubs.   

A Spa can mean a Few Things

Many times, when people hear the word spa, a vision of a picturesque day spa tends to come to mind. A place where people go to enjoy relaxation and skin antidotes such as hot stone massages and facials. Some spa resorts offer hydrotherapy from natural hot springs. However, the spa we’re focusing on is meant for enjoyment, relaxation, and hydrotherapy that you can experience in the privacy of your backyard. 

Sometimes when spa is used, it refers to the spa attached to an in-ground pool, as in a backyard or at a hotel. They tend to have typical bench seating and minimal jets. They pale in comparison to the portable spa models we’re talking about. You can purchase spas from Mastercraft Pool & Spa that provide an abundance of options when it comes to size, seating arrangements, hydrotherapy jets, and other features.

Just like the Jacuzzi Brand, other spa brands are also crafted with their versions of hydrotherapy jets. Mastercraft Pool & Spa stocks Sundance® Spas, Marquis® hot tubs, and Fantasy Spas® which are built to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

What’s a Hot Tub About

The words spa and hot tub are used interchangeably when it comes down to a vessel that provides hydrotherapy.

The advancements in spa construction, options, and features throws the traditional definition of a hot tub out the window. We’re no longer talking about an oversized, wooden tub filled with hot water possibly twirled around by a few jets. Hot tubs are utilized for the same reasons spas are—enjoyment, relaxation, and hydrotherapy. So, why wouldn’t today’s hot tubs provide the same options as spas? Remember, the words spa and hot tub are used interchangeably.

Hot tubs are self-contained and portable. Some hot tub models are also conveniently “plug ‘n play” models. There are no special electrical requirements for plug ‘n play hot tubs as they can be plugged into any standard 110V outlet. And you can easily fill it with your standard garden hose. Also, if you plan on moving, your hot tub can be drained and taken to your next home.

Hopefully, you’re no longer wondering, “What is the difference between a Jacuzzi, spa, and hot tub?” If you want more information about spas and hot tubs and the various quality brands we offer, please give Mastercraft Pool & Spa a call.


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