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What’s on Your Backyard Wishlist for Santa?

A hot tub with lit candles on the stairs


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Ah… it’s a wonderful time of the year. Sure, it’s ridiculously busy for a whole season as opposed to a day or week, but things of this season can’t be beat. For instance, we get quality time with loved ones, reminiscing about everything, and baking great grandma’s “famous” Christmas cookies. And how about the adventure of hunting down, not just a great Christmas tree, but the best ever Christmas tree? There are presents too! 

What’s that? Yes, it’s true that you are guaranteed to be staring at a gazillion wishlists from loved ones, tasked with finding the most desirable gifts. However, there is a real benefit in the madness. You finally get to tell everyone what’s on your backyard wishlist for Santa. 

You’re Important Too

We agree that giving gifts is so enjoyable that it’s easy to forget about yourself. However, you’re important too and deserve the pleasure of receiving something special. The typical holiday, wishlist gifts are great… perfume, purse, watch, wallet, slippers, and, of course, jewelry. But, have you ever thought of something more lavish? Come on, don’t be shy. How will anyone know what’s on your backyard wishlist for Santa if you don’t tell them?

Let’s go back to reminiscing. Is that family vacation you took years ago to the Caribbean burned into your memory? It wasn’t necessarily just the exciting activities that stuck in your mind, but the relaxing ones too. The clear water, beautiful sunsets, and who could forget the spa! The peaceful ambience was captivating. Do you wish you could relive that moment? 

Spas Are for Wishlists

Okay, maybe you haven’t taken that vacation just yet. But, as you wash the cookie pans and look out the kitchen window, you’re probably dreaming about the perfect, backyard resort. Why not make it happen in your own backyard?

For you, it all starts with a magnificent spa. Spas are for wishlists. In addition to being relaxing, spas have health benefits besides just being relaxing, including relieving stress and soothing sore muscles. With a hot tub out back, every day, all year long, you can walk into your backyard and experience your own, personal spa retreat. And that’s just what you’re looking for — a gift that continuously gives.

Mastercraft Pool & Spa sells a variety of spa models from Sundance® Spas, Marquis® hot tubs, and Fantasy Spas®. Crafted to please and to meet your needs, there’s definitely one that will fit your backyard wishlist for Santa. You can choose the color, seat configuration, features, and more. Some models have specialty jets, waterfalls, cabinetry, and LED lighting. And, if you’re interested in Marquis hot tubs, MicroSilk® hydrotherapy is available on select models. It’s the anti-aging treatment must-have for body rejuvenation, which may be just what you need once the holiday season is over. 

Let’s make your backyard dreams come true! Select the spa and features that best suit you. Then, tell your significant other what’s on your backyard wishlist for Santa and have them call Mastercraft Pool & Spa!


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