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What’s the Difference Between Fiberglass and Shotcrete Pools?


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As you begin the process of planning your swimming pool build, you will inevitably be faced with important decisions about which type of pool will serve your needs best. Ensure you have the absolute best pool experience when you choose between fiberglass and shotcrete pools by knowing the difference between the two. Discover not only what these pools are made of, but also in the installation process and maintenance for each. Let’s take a quick dive into these two amazing pool options and help make your decision a bit easier.

Fun, Fabulous Fiberglass

Fiberglass pools are factory-made and installed into a pre-dug hole. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, but you are somewhat limited when it comes to design. These types of pools have a nonporous surface, which means they are easy to maintain. Algae has a hard time growing on a smooth surface, so while you may still have some growth, it won’t be on the pool walls, making quick work of regular cleaning sessions. 

A fiberglass pool option is also ideal for upper floor installations because it’s lighter than concrete and can be made fairly small to fit in tight spaces. This may be of great benefit if you need to install a commercial pool on an upper floor. But, you can rest assured that fiberglass pools hold up well against the outside elements if you choose to have your pool built outdoors.

Stunning, Splendid Shotcrete 

By pouring concrete on-site, shotcrete pools bring your backyard vision to life. This allows you complete customization, not only in shape and size but depth as well. You can also have complete creative control if you’re wanting a more natural look, incorporating rock formations, waterfalls, and even pond-like features. 

A concrete swimming pool’s surface is porous, however, which means that pool maintenance may be a bit more hands-on. You should also be aware that a shotcrete pool installation isn’t as fast as a fiberglass. It can take several weeks and in some cases months to complete the build. It is more than worth it. You’ll have a stunning addition to your outdoor oasis for many years to come after construction has been completed.

How to Choose

Since both fiberglass and shotcrete pools are so different, you can’t really say one is better than the other. Instead, ask yourself which swimming pool meets more of your specific needs? Are you looking for a place to exercise or relax? Is your style more poolside resort or nature reprieve? Would you like diving to be an option, or are you wanting more of a shallow family fun area? 

Find the answers to all your burning pool building questions when you contact our knowledgeable, experienced pool experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Not only do we specialize in building both fiberglass swimming pools and shotcrete creations, but we also offer stunning Nespa Tiled pools and spas! Contact us today to start designing your custom swimming pool masterpiece for your personal backyard or for commercial use!


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