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When is the Best Time to Schedule a Pool Build in Idaho?

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Building a pool can be quite an undertaking, so you want to be thoughtful about when you schedule a pool build. The experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa build pools year-round, so the first hurdle is done. You have a reputable, family-owned, local company that will create a fantastic pool for you. Now when is the best time to schedule a pool build? You can schedule your pool build any time, of course, but let’s walk through the pros and cons of each season, though.


Our experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa would argue fall is the best time of year to schedule a pool build. While this may not be an intuitive answer, it will make sense. Most people wait to get their pools in spring and summer, but that means their pool is getting built during prime swim season. If you want to actually enjoy your pool for the upcoming swim season, schedule your pool build in the fall.

Fall is a slower time for your contractors and will have more availability to fit you into their schedules. It is also not freezing yet, which leaves the weather more on your side than in other seasons. 

There is also time to ensure your yard has returned to a state of beauty by the time you are ready to use it again. Building a pool can make such a mess of backyard space. Having all winter and spring for things to re-grow will mean everything is good to go come spring!


We would argue that winter can be the next best time to build a pool in Idaho. For similar reasons to fall, business is slower for pool companies, and you can reap benefits from that as a future pool owner. The biggest drawback to winter building is, of course, snow. So you’ll be faced with weather delays and will have to check the weather before planning a build in the wintertime. You also probably don’t want to build in the dead of winter as the ground can freeze, causing quite a bit of damage. 


Spring is another good time of year to schedule a pool build as well, but the earlier, the better. Many people begin preparing for summer during this time, and warmer weather is on everyone’s mind. Business will be picking up for pool companies, though, so be sure to get your name on the schedule early. The weather is better for the most part and more conducive to building. Things should also be ready by summer for you to enjoy all season long.


Summer is probably the busiest time of year for us, but the weather should not hinder getting things built quickly. The only drawback to building in the summer is not having the pool ready for the entire season. It will provide an excellent environment for landscaping to be redone with the pool area, though. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong with scheduling a pool build in Idaho. Our experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa are ready and able to guide you through the process, no matter the weather or time of year. If you have wanted to build a pool, NOW is the best time to schedule a pool build in Idaho. Reach out today to get more information on how we can serve you.


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