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When Should I Start Planning My Fiberglass Pool Installation?

A completed fiberglass pool installation, ready for summer nights by the pool.


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So you made the exciting decision to get a pool. CONGRATULATIONS! Now comes the fun part of designing and installing your swim oasis. You weighed the inviting pool options carried by Mastercraft Pool & Spa and chose a stylish and easy fiberglass pool. What’s next? If you have been pondering, “When should I start planning my fiberglass pool installation?” ponder no more! Let’s lay out the things you need to consider when creating a fiberglass pool installation timeline — from the moment of inspiration to the first cannon ball into your new pool.

What is involved in planning my fiberglass pool?

Before any planning or construction of your pool can begin, you must obtain the necessary pool construction permits. According to Bannock County Planning & Development Services, “No work may be performed, including excavation and grading, until permits have been issued. Work performed prior to the issuance of a permit may result in a citation and/or additional fees.” That means no permit, no pool. But don’t worry, because as ​the county indicates, “The complete process from the time we receive the complete application and supporting documents can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the current workload.”

Therefore, you’ll need upwards of a month of pre-planning time just to secure your necessary permits. Bannock County Planning & Development Services continues to offer a final seasonal tip to consider. “Workloads tend to be heavier during the summer and fall seasons due to an increase in construction activity so please plan for this time that may delay construction.”

This is where we come in! We will help you get the permits you need to start your pool project. The first thing our pool construction professionals will do is determine if any of your utilities or utility equipment might need to be altered or moved to accommodate your fiberglass pool installation. These utility impediments will need to be taken care of before we can dive into the pool construction.

A fiberglass pool installation is lowered from the sky via crane into an anticipating backyard.

How long will it take to install my fiberglass pool?

Once we have secured your permits, scheduled your install dates, and cleared any interfering utilities from the pool area, installation can begin. We will prepare the dig site and excavate a spot for your pool. Next, we’ll lower and level your fiberglass pool into its spot. Then we will connect the pool’s electrical and plumbing, and construct your pool deck. The full fiberglass pool installation project should take 1-2 weeks once construction begins.

When should I start planning my fiberglass pool installation?

Now some math! Combine the 2-4 weeks needed to attain a permit and the 1-2 weeks needed for construction. Then add the time that it takes to complete installations that are previously scheduled for other clients. The process of turning your backyard pool fantasy into a reality may take some time. That’s why the best time to start planning your fiberglass pool installation is NOW! Seasonal permit busy seasons, revamping impeding utility structures, and unforeseen weather challenges can add to this duration. All of this considered, it’s prudent to get your pool purchase scheduled and your installation dates finalized before sending out your first pool party invitations. 

Are you ready to get started on your perfect pool? Browse our gallery of fiberglass pool options. Start dreaming up that idyllic pool area you’ve always wanted. Mastercraft Pool & Spa is your source for fiberglass pools in the beautiful Interior Northwest. Get your own copy of our Fiberglass Pool Buyer’s Guide and get on our schedule today. The sooner you start, the sooner you swim!


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