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Why Buying Local Actually Really Matters


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The advancements in technology not only have made watching movies and talking to loved ones easier but shopping too. We can search online for anything we want on an electronic device. With just the tap of a finger, we can make a purchase instantly. Usually, the online items bought will be shipped from out of town, across state lines, and possibly from the other side of the country. The convenience is great, but it sometimes comes with a cost. Here are a few reasons why buying local actually really matters.

You’re Part of the Family when You Buy Local

For companies like Mastercraft Pool & Spa, who build or create through a process involving the customer, there’s a relationship that’s established between the business and the consumer. As your local pool builder, Mastercraft is in contact with the customer during the entire build experience. They are involved with every idea, thought, question, concern, or moment of excitement the customer has about their pool purchase. And, that involvement doesn’t end once the pool is built. Their service continues for years. They are available, as they have been for the last 35 years, to provide the finest service to their customers. Whether you have maintenance, repair, or renovation needs, Mastercraft Pool & Spa is ready to serve. Family-owned and operated, you can learn more about their story here.

Knowing the Layout of the Land Is Significant

You’re not only part of the family, but you’re getting a superb product. As your local pool and spa dealer, the experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa know what products are best suited for our particular climate and geography. Whether you’re having a custom shotcrete pool built or a Marquis® hot tub put in, they want it to last for years to come. You’re spending your hard, earned money and they want to provide lasting craftsmanship that you’re in awe of and that they’re proud of. As your local pool and spa dealer, they know when and how to winterize your pool and spa if needed. They also know what products will keep them in fantastic shape throughout the year. They are certified to provide you with your pool and spa needs and they’re passionate about it.

There’s a Vested Interest in the Community 

When a business excels at its craft it brings in repeat, loyal, and word of mouth customers, essentially helping them to stay in business. As a consumer, you are a part of the economic cycle. Each time you purchase locally, money is going back into the community in which you live. More money stays in the community when you purchase from a locally owned business versus a national chain. Not to mention, many employees of local businesses tend to live and shop in the community in which they work. This further spurs on that community’s economic growth. By shopping locally, jobs are also created. So, there’s an economic value to the immediate community when you buy locally.

Hands-on, personalized customer service, economic growth, and job creation are just a few of the reasons why buying local actually really matters. Mastercraft Pool & Spa is your local pool, spa, and hot tub dealer. With many years in the industry, they are a part of your community and look forward to serving you. Call the experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa for all your pool and spa needs.


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