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Why Fall is the Best Time to Build Your Pool


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When it comes to an investment like a swimming pool, you take everything from shape, size, cost, and even time of year into consideration. Once you’ve compared your pool options, all that’s left to do is plan your installation. Building a pool may seem like a summer project, but actually, fall is the best time to build your pool — adding a host of benefits for you and your family.  

Wonderful Weather

According to, fall is the best time to build your pool because the weather is much more predictable. You won’t have to struggle with muddy conditions like in the winter or spring. And you won’t be at the mercy of unpredictable summer thunderstorms. The ground is drier, protecting your yard, and it makes for a neater installation process. 

Timing Convenience 

Most people buy pools in the summer, which means you have to wait your turn for installation. Unfortunately, this means you may not get to enjoy your pool all summer long. You’ll not only have to wait for an opening for the construction crew, you still have to wait out the pool build. Choosing autumn for your pool build means that it’s ready to go at the first sign of warm, sunny weather. 

Unmatched Design

Your gorgeous pool design is as unique and individual as you are. You don’t need to rush the design process with trying to fit in a summer build. With limitless options available, Mastercraft Pool & Spa specializes in custom pool design and flawless construction. With your dedicated Mastercraft team, no project is too big or too small. From magnificent backyard retreats to commercial aquatic marvels, there’s no pool like a Mastercraft pool. 

Are you ready to schedule your fall pool installation? Mastercraft Pool & Spa is here to help you plan not only your pool’s custom design, but the perfect time to begin construction. Contact us today to bring your swimming pool vision to life this fall!


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