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Why You Should Put a Pool In for Retirement

A backyard pool with grass and trees behind


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Many would agree, and more so than ever, that it seems like time passes by quickly. Fortunately, after all the hustle and bustle, retirement is called “golden” for a reason. There are numerous possibilities for all the extra time you now have on your hands. Certainly, other aspects of your life have changed on the ride to retirement. For instance, now you may be referred to as Grandpa or Grandma and there might be a little ache in your left knee. However, you also officially own your house! Time to celebrate and finally complete desired home improvements. So, let’s talk about that backyard and the reasons why you should put a pool in for retirement.

A Pool has Become a Hot Topic

Has your home become the unofficial gathering place? Over the years, you’ve probably refined the art of entertaining and have succeeded at staging an inviting atmosphere. And, your landscaped backyard probably gets lots of compliments, but do you still feel like it has more potential? On occasion, have you discussed how great it would be to have a pool? If, in your retirement, putting in a custom pool by Mastercraft Pool & Spa has become a bit of a hot topic, then it’s time to give us a call. 

You Want to Get Some Low Impact Exercise

Besides being just great, which it is, consider why you should put a pool in for retirement. Pools are a special home improvement item with plenty of advantages. Remember that little ache in your left knee? Pools are a great tool for physical therapy. Did the doctor recommend low-impact workouts to maintain your health? Perform them in the privacy and comfort of your backyard pool. Stress? It does exist even in retirement, but swimming provides relief. 

Epic Family Memories Await

A pool would also be a memory magnet for your family. Private swim lessons for the grandchildren in your pool would be amazing. You get to watch and cheer them on as they hit each milestone. Pool parties at Grandpa and Grandma’s would are awesome too! Your pool would not only be the focal point of your backyard, but of celebrations and holidays to come. If you’re looking for family bonding opportunities while in retirement, a pool can absolutely help with that.

Take Entertaining to the Next Level

Are you looking forward to entertaining friends more, now that you have weekdays and weekends free? What a great reason to put a pool in for retirement. Nurturing friendships outside, among the peacefulness of a pool sounds delightful.

Consider Your Needs, Wants, and Style

When making the decision to put a pool in for retirement, consider your needs, wants, and style. Do you need custom steps? Want a striking waterfall? Do the grandkids need a slide? Are stylish mosaics a must-have? Mastercraft Pool & Spa builds custom shotcrete pools, installs fiberglass pools, and offers factory built Nespa Tiled Pools. Be ambitious. There are countless options to make your pool aspirations a reality. Schedule a consultation with Mastercraft Pool & Spa today.


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