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Why Your Local Hot Tub Dealer is Your New Best Friend

local hot tub dealer


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So you’ve had a new hot tub on your wish list for some time, and that sports injury from your college days just keeps giving you grief as a reminder to do something about it. Or, you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and the first thing on your to do list is to buy a hot tub. But the task seems daunting, and you are tempted to just find the first thing that fits your budget. The easy solution might be to take a quick peek at that travelling spa expo your neighbor was telling you about. But before you do, we have a few reasons why you might want to seek out a local hot tub dealer in your area instead!

What’s the Rush?

There can be a lot of pressure at a travelling spa show to make a quick purchasing decision when faced with seemingly too-good-to-be-true incentives. But there’s a reason for those incentives, and it’s most likely because the travelling spa companies are really just looking for their next unsuspecting victim to offload unwanted inventory at bargain prices. Hint: that unsuspecting victim might be you. The only reason there is any rush is that the salespeople don’t want you to have time to think and evaluate, because then you might not realize that their “blow out sales” are really just a gimmick. Local hot tub dealers can also offer deals on hot tubs that are often just as good or better than those proposed by the travelling shows, and they will work with you on your own time, not crunch time.

Know Your Hot Tubs

Because the travelling shows offer such time sensitive discounts, you will likely spend less time learning about which model is right for you. Some brands may tout the advantages of highly customizable seating options or interchangeable features that might sound novel, but really end up being more of a hindrance. Plus, travelling spa shows typically rotate through different brands rather quickly, making it difficult to track down an expert on a specific brand if you ever need assistance with repairs and maintenance. That shiny new hot tub is under warranty, they say? That travelling show won’t be around by the time you actually need help, and local dealers can’t help you with hot tubs under warranty with other dealers. But if you start with a local dealer, you have experts right in your backyard who are there to help educate you on all the itty bitty details of hot tub ownership and long-term service.

Step-by-Step Customer Service

So you let your impulsive side take over, and you go to that travelling expo. You find a hot tub that costs you $3500 PLUS comes with a free mini fridge and a giant rubber ducky. Are you going to haul the hot tub home yourself? How do you plan on setting it up once you get it home? You can bet nobody will be hanging around to help you once that spa show is packed up and on the road. You’ll be left on your own to install and set up your hot tub, and chances are that won’t be an easy feat. If you choose to rely on a local company like Mastercraft, you can expect to have customer support from the moment you lay eyes on your dream hot tub to your first relaxing dip. 

Curated Hot Tub Experience

You want a hot tub because you want to spend more time relaxing. Or you know about the health benefits of hydrotherapy and your goal is to get healthier. Whatever the reason, it’s not the same as the next person who wants to purchase a hot tub. At Mastercraft, we make sure that your experience is specific to your needs, and that you know exactly what to expect from your hot tub purchase. With our knowledge and experience of hot tub brands and models, we can ensure that you make the best long term decision for you. And if you genuinely can’t wait to get in your new hot tub, you can hop in a floor model first to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Bring a towel and stop by Mastercraft Pool and Spa today!


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