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Will my hot tub utility costs be higher in winter?


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Adding a large item, like a hot tub, that runs on your power constantly can make you wonder about how your utility bills will be affected — especially in the winter. But if you’re expecting a brow-raising increase on your power bill because you’re running your spa, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Like Winter Magic for Your Utility Costs

When you first install your hot tub, you will inevitably see a slight increase on your utility bills. It takes both power and water to make your hot tub usable. While it makes sense that your spa needs more energy to keep a high temperature as the weather turns colder, today’s hot tub engineers have worked their magic. If you bring home an energy-efficient hot tub like a Marquis®, you’ll enjoy the amazing cost-saving benefits all year round for the lifetime of your spa.

Types of Insulation for Hot Tubs to Save on Utility Costs

No Insulation

Inflatable hot tubs have no insulation. Sometimes manufacturers will use insulation language to describe what the cabinet is made of, but it can be misleading. This type of spa will lose heat quickly and could have a less-than-desirable effect on your utility bills.

Partial Foam 

Most of the popular, but lesser-quality hot tubs have partial foam insulation installed on the outer wall of the shell. Manufacturers usually use foam boards, or even spray foam, as a cheap way to provide some energy efficiency. But partial foam leaves a thin layer of space inside the inner wall. While it does provide structural support to the hot tub, it’s not as efficient as other options. 

Thermal Wrap 

A thermal wrap, or a reflective blanket, can be used in conjunction with a partial foam hot tub to add more energy-saving power. It works by reflecting some of the heat back down into the spa. While it will help some, it’s not enough to maintain the heat of the water on it’s own. 

Full Foam  

Did you know that Marquis hot tubs have full foam insulation? This means that it’s highly efficient at keeping cold air out and reducing heat loss. Hello, energy savings! You can rest assured that your high-quality hot tub is made to keep your utility costs lower during the wintery weather. 

Even More Energy Savings

If you’re wanting to save even more energy, here are a few tips:

  • Limit ground contact. Some spas have a base pan to help enhance insulation and limit contact with the ground. 
  • Add a thermal blanket. You can add a reflective spa blanket to your equipment compartment or a floating blanket on top of your hot tub’s water for extra insulation. 
  • Pump shroud. The mechanical parts of your spa produce heat while running. A pump shroud directs this heat to your spa’s water to help it maintain temperature. 

Make your winter season a bit cozier with an incredible, energy-efficient Marquis spa from Mastercraft. Contact us today to learn more or to find spa accessories to get you through the cold weather season and save money.


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