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Winter Maintenance Tips for Pools


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In a perfect world, pool maintenance would end when the swimming season does. However, even though you have to keep up maintenance on your swimming pool during the winter, it’s not without its perks. Taking a few minutes here and there to keep your pool in pristine condition means it’ll be healthy, happy, and ready to serve you next summer. 

Goodbye green!

At the start of the cold weather season, it’s a great idea to add an algaecide, along with chlorine. Add some to your swimming pool and let the pump run for about 24 hours to give it time to circulate throughout your water. Opening your pool next year will be so much easier without pesky green algae build-up.

Systems a-go!

Be sure to check your pump and pipes, draining any water in your filter, heater, or pump. Try to drain the water to 4-6 inches below the pool skimmer. This prevents water freezing in the mechanical and plumbing parts of your swimming pool. There’s a good chance your pipes could crack if they freeze while holding water, which can be an expensive fix.

Take cover!

Always cover your swimming pool when it’s not in use for long periods of time. This not only protects your water from contaminants, it also keeps unsupervised people or wildlife from stumbling where they shouldn’t. If you expect heavy snowfall, you can always mark the edges of your pool with stakes and rope to create a visible outline that helps prevent accidents.

Do you have any questions about winter maintenance for your swimming pool? Contact Mastercraft Pool & Spa! Our pool and spa professionals are experts in maintaining crystal clear waters for your recreation. Don’t have a swimming pool yet? We can help with that, too! Let us build you the backyard of your dreams with a one-of-a-kind aquatic masterpiece to enjoy for the rest of your life.


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