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Your Timeline to Purchase a Marquis Spa When Integrating with Landscaping

Marquis Spa with Landscaping


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Your new Marquis® Spa is the first step toward creating the perfect backyard getaway. However, you’re probably envisioning a space with lush, well-placed landscaping … a sanctuary that invites you to relax and let all your worries go. But how exactly do you pull it all together? Don’t worry; we can help!

Rely on Our Experts

This is one of the reasons you chose a trusted spa dealer. At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we specialize in masterfully-designed spas, and customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. So, when you’re ready to buy a hot tub, one of the first ways we can help is with advice on where to position your new, stunning retreat.

Maybe you already know exactly where you want your hot tub to sit. But one of our inspections can put your mind at ease and prepare you so you know exactly what site prep is needed. We can help you pick the best spot for privacy, sunlight, ease of access, and more. We can even help you customize your Marquis Spa to match your home, space, and backyard goals. Our customer care team will give you professional, friendly advice that will help bring your dream backyard to life! 

Next Comes Site Prep

Once the location has been picked and you’ve settled on your new Marquis Spa, the site will need to be prepped. Your advisor will discuss the kind of foundation your hot tub needs for support. Plus, he’ll smooth the way and make sure you understand the process and timeline with contractors, electric, and plumbing. 

Here Comes the Spa

Once the site is ready, we can deliver and install your new hot tub. Again, we’ll make sure you know the timeline and what to expect. That way you can arrange for landscapers if you want — or get your first hot tub party on the books!

Finally, landscaping is the finishing touch that brings your retreat to life.

Want your new hot tub next to your boxwood hedge, close to your flower garden, or made part of your existing pool design? No problem. We can work pretty much anything into your design. But, many times, we install new hot tubs onto a plain site and then landscaping is added afterward.Our name says it all! At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we can bring any backyard spa design to life — from the most basic to the most elaborate. So, what did you have in mind? Visit us to speak to one of our customer care team members, get expert advice, and then let us help you pick the perfect Marquis Spa for your dream backyard and your budget. With a spa from Mastercraft, you’ll have a perfectly integrated retreat to enjoy each and every day of the year.


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