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Marquis Hot Tubs

Marquis® hot tubs are designed to provide you with The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™ Every Marquis hot tub features refined beauty, advanced hydrotherapy and world-class performance. Whether you want all the unique features imaginable, or want to include the specific features you desire, you are sure to discover the perfect hot tub to benefit your individual lifestyle. Then, customize your incredible backyard oasis with Marquis Environments® modules. Your perfect retreat is waiting.

The Crown Wish

Discover the pinnacle of spa luxury with the Crown Wish hot tub by Marquis®. This spa features four unique multi-level seating options, each tailored to accommodate different body shapes, including an elevated seat ideal for either cooling down or gently warming up. Drift into relaxation in the expansive full-body lounge, outfitted with Lumbar H.O.T. Zone jets, designed for the ultimate comfort. Additionally, a specialized deep therapy seat offers Shoulder H.O.T. Zone jets for targeted relief. The seating offers the enhanced hydrotherapy flow of the Regal Whitewater-4™ jet (available in the two-pump model). Indulge in exceptional comfort and make a meaningful impact with the Crown Wish hot tub.

The Crown Destiny

The gorgeous Crown Destiny hot tub is where relaxation meets social engagement. This model features hydromassage seating for seven, designed for comfort and conversation, making it the ultimate spa for gatherings. The Destiny from Marquis® is equipped with Lumbar or Shoulder H.O.T. Zone deep-seat jets for targeted relief. A H.O.T. Zone jet cluster enhances a mid-height therapy seat, ensuring comprehensive back muscle treatment. With the Regal Whitewater-4™ jet, the spa offers a total of four H.O.T. Zones. You’ll find varied seat heights and a perfect spot for everyone. Embrace your Destiny and experience unparalleled relaxation and connection.

The Crown Spirit

The Spirit flows freely with healing therapy. Its
curved front entry offers an elegant approach, with
four hydromassage seats for up to three people. The
soothing lounge with Shoulder H.O.T. Zone jets delivers
full-body therapy. The deep therapy seat with Lumbar
H.O.T. Zone jets works all your back muscles. Plus, a
cooldown seat lifts your heart above the waterline, and
makes for easier entry and exit. The Spirit will renew
your body and mind every day!

The Crown Resort

The Resort is worthy of both King and Queen. Its uniquely
curvaceous design delivers comfort and exceptional
hydrotherapy. Multilevel seating for five includes dual
Adirondack Chairs: one featuring Lumbar H.O.T. Zone jets,
the other featuring Shoulder H.O.T. Zone jets, and both
featuring powerful leg and foot jets. Two deep therapy seats
and an entry/cooldown seat complete the layout. A Regal
Whitewater-4 jet brings the total H.O.T. Zone count to three,
making for a truly decadent destination!

The Crown Euphoria

The Euphoria is a royal party in the making. Featuring a
symmetrical layout with seven multilevel seats, including
two extra deep therapy seats positioned side-by-side
with full-body massage. Every seat can reach the
explosive Regal Whitewater-4 jet for powerful leg and
foot therapy. Five H.O.T. Zones ensure you and your
guests enjoy limitless euphoria!

The Crown Epic

The Epic is a true legend. Featuring sculpted multilevel
seating for six, including a full-body Adirondack Chair for
powerful neck-to-feet therapy. The super-deep soak seat
envelopes you in warmth, targeting your neck, shoulders
and spinal column. Boasting five H.O.T. Zones – Lumbar,
Shoulder and Foot – including a Regal Whitewater-4 jet,
you are bound to recount this hot tub for generations!

The Crown Summit

The Summit is the ultimate refuge to assemble
your tribe. Three side-by-side Adirondack Chairs
pamper every inch of your aching body. Across the
way, four adjacent hydromassage seats deliver
soothing relief, with easy access to the exhilarating
Regal Whitewater-4™ jet. Four H.O.T. Zones provide
targeted control and flexibility, and its open layout
offers plenty of room to stretch your legs!

The Nashville

The Nashville is the perfect personal hot tub for you and a companion. Lay back and relax in the lounge or converse with your partner in the therapy seat next to you. The cool-down massage seat provides a third spot to linger. The Nashville’s 120 volt plug-and-play convenience is ultimately carefree. Or, an optional 240V Performance Upgrade is available to enhance your therapy experience.* When it comes to compact hot tubs, The Nashville is southern comfort at its best.

*Optional 240V Performance Upgrade available in the USA and Canada.

The Woodstock Elite

The Woodstock Elite is party central with seven seats for seven attendees. The lounge features epic hydrotherapy from neck to feet. A super-deep therapy seat addresses the thighs and calves, plus five more positions. The star of the show is the explosive Whitewater-4™ jet water wall.

The Vegas Elite

The Vegas Elite hot tub’s unique seating positions provide comfort for six people and include two deep therapy seats, two side seats, one mid-level seat, a super-deep soak seat and a bonus entry step. But the real excitement is from the Whitewater-4™ jet’s explosive leg therapy and water wall! Stainless steel jet faces and foam-over-plumbing insulation come standard, with the option to add full-foam insulation.

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