World-class swim training and conditioning for the ultimate challenge.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line swim training and conditioning, the ATV-17 Kona is the vessel for you! The innovative Kona features three high-performance pumps. Plus, exclusive Whitewater-4™ jets provide a wall of water to maximize your swim pace options and workout rigor. The Kona ATV also offers a pair of mid-vessel Buoyancy jets that will deliver mid- to lower-torso lift during swim exercises. Twin-end tethers and deep-water anchor points expand the versatility and variety of strength, resistance bands, and conditioning workouts.

Product Specifications:

Size204in x 89.5in x 61in
Weight dry/full3,060lbs / 22,450lbs
Water depth53 in
OzonatorCorona discharge
Therapy seats1 full depth, 1 cool down
Filtration2 - 90 square foot filters
Synthetic exteriorEspresso or Ash
InteriorOcean Blue, Sky Blue or Frost White
Water capacity2400 gal
Electrical240V, 60 hz, 50 amp
Control panelEasy access interior facing • Side located
SkimmersIntegrated cover/LED lit
InsulationFull foam
Swim tether kitIncluded

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