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How to Choose the Right Pool Sanitation System That Meets Your Needs

The right pool sanitation system is key to clear water.


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The allure of a sparkling, pristine pool beckons many to embrace the joys of pool ownership in the comfort of their own backyard. At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we understand that ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your oasis is a top priority. However, a pool sanitation system is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and choosing the right system tailored to your needs is pivotal for a healthy and enjoyable swimming environment. 

Let’s explore the different types of pool sanitation, as well as the products and equipment you need for year after year of successful swims. Whether you choose a Latham fiberglass pool, a tiled pool, or a custom shotcrete pool from Mastercraft, we can design the perfect sanitation system for your needs.

Understanding Your Pool Sanitation System Chemicals

Do you know what makes your pool inviting? Clean, clear, sparkling water. Keeping your pool clean goes beyond just skimming and vacuuming. You need amazing pool chemicals that are perfect for your pool. Various sanitation methods exist, each with distinct features and advantages. Let’s dig into some of your core options to see which one is best for you.

Chlorine: The Trusted Guardian

Chlorine stands as the most widely used pool sanitation agent. Its effectiveness in eradicating bacteria and contaminants is trusted and well-known. Tablets, granules, or liquid forms offer flexibility in application, contributing to a consistently clean pool. It’s easy to apply to your water, easy to test, and easy to enjoy. But if chlorine is a little too harsh on sensitive skin and eyes, you do have other options.

Bromine: Gentle and Stable

Often preferred for indoor pools or spas due to its stability under varying pH levels and high temperatures, bromine is an effective sanitizer. It’s a suitable alternative to chlorine for individuals with sensitive skin. You’ll also find it easy to test and apply, giving you a good option if you like manual chemical applications.

Saltwater Systems: Natural and Low-Maintenance

Saltwater pools offer a low-maintenance way to generate a natural form of chlorine through salt application and electrolysis. This gentler alternative offers a soft but effective way to sanitize your pool. Since there are no binders or additives, you get chlorine in its purest form. Saltwater pools often require less hands-on maintenance and are easier on the skin and eyes. Plus, you’ll need fewer chemical additions, saving you time and money throughout your ownership years.

Once you find the pool sanitation system that’s right for you, you’ll need to pair it with the right pool equipment. At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we are experts in pool design and equipment, as well as sanitation, so we are happy to walk you through your options during your pool design consultation. 

The Role of Pool Sanitation System Equipment

Apart from pool sanitation system agents, the right pool equipment significantly contributes to maintaining a clean pool. And when it comes to equipment, choosing the right sized equipment and applications is key. Here are a few things to consider.

Pumps: The Heartbeat of Cleanliness

Efficient circulation facilitated by high-quality pumps aids in evenly distributing chemicals, reducing the chances of stagnant water, which is vital for a well-sanitized pool. Variable-speed pumps can help you save on utilities, offering a cost-effective way to circulate your water and keep it clean.

Filters: Capturing Impurities

Filters are the workhorses, trapping debris and contaminants from the water. Regular filter maintenance is essential to uphold their effectiveness in ensuring water clarity. Cleaning your filter will do wonders for your water quality.

Chemical Automation: Ease of Maintenance

Did you know that you can even add chemical automation to your pool? It’s true! Chemical automation is your pool’s ally in achieving clean, inviting water. We can meet all your needs for easy and effective pool ownership.

Mastercraft Has Everything You Need for Optimal Results

To bolster your pool’s sanitation efforts, Mastercraft has everything you need for success. We will design your pool perfectly with both sanitation and equipment that aligns with your needs. Plus, our retail location and online store offer a range of premium-quality chemicals, ensuring your pool receives the care it deserves. From top-tier chlorine and bromine products to specialty saltwater systems and chemicals for pH balancing and algae control, our selection is curated to meet your pool’s unique needs.

We understand that the diverse needs of pool owners necessitate tailored solutions. Our team of industry experts is available to offer guidance in selecting the ideal sanitation system and equipment for your pool. Whether you seek a more traditional approach with chlorine, a gentle alternative like bromine, or the simplicity of a saltwater system, we’re here to assist in your decision-making process. 

Contact us today for design services or pool remodel and equipment upgrades. We believe that your pool should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, and achieving a pristine environment begins with incredible options from Mastercraft Pool & Spa. Get inspired by our beautiful gallery of pools, and contact us today for your consultation.


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