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8 Pool Supplies to Improve Your Water Care Routine

Quality pool supplies are key to clean and healthy water.


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Does maintaining your swimming pool feel like a chore? It doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, at Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we are of the opinion that it definitely shouldn’t feel that way. With the right pool supplies, a little know-how, and a favorite “pool store near me”, your swimming pool water care can be as easy as pie. Our team is all about making pool care a breeze with our knowledgeable staff, a fully stocked retail location, and a user-friendly online store. Here’s a guide to the essential pool supplies you need to keep your water sparkling and your pool maintenance routine hassle-free.

Sanitizers: Pool Chlorine, Bromine, and Your First Line of Defense

First up, let’s talk about professional-grade sanitizers. Pool chlorine is the go-to for many pool owners. It’s effective at killing bacteria and algae, keeping your water safe for swimming. It’s easy to use and powerful at doing its job.

However, if you have sensitive skin or prefer a gentler option, bromine might be your best bet. It works similarly to chlorine but with less irritation. You can find both incredible options in our pool chemicals online store or at our store in Pocatello.

BioGuard® Basic 3” Chlorine Tab 25 lb Bucket 

BioGuard® Basic 3” Chlorine Tab 50 lb Bucket

BioGuard® Chlorinating Liquid

HASA Liquid Chlorine (4) 1-Gallons 

ProGuard® 1″ Chlorine Tablets 50 lb 

BioGuard Bromine® 1” Tablets 50 lb Bucket

pH & Alkalinity: Why Is My Pool Cloudy?

Balancing your pool’s pH and alkalinity is paramount for comfortable swimming and prolonging the life of your pool equipment. In fact, pH balance is important for a lot of your other chemicals to work correctly, and alkalinity allows your pH levels not to fluctuate. They go hand in hand to provide balance to your pool water.

If the pH is too high or too low, it can lead to problems like cloudy water, scaling, or corrosion. That’s where pH and alkalinity balancers come in. They help you keep the pH levels in check, ensuring your pool water is just right. And when your pH is right, it saves both time and money on balancing other chemicals like sanitizers and more.

BioGuard® Balance Pak® 200 pH Increaser 2 lb

BioGuard® Balance Pak® 200 pH Increaser 6 lb

BioGuard® Lo ‘N Slo® pH Decreaser 2.5 lb

BioGuard® Lo ‘N Slo® pH Decreaser 8 lb

BioGuard® Balance Pak® 100 Alk Increaser 12 lb

Shock: Give Your Water a Boost with Pool Shock

Shock treatments are like a reset button for your pool. They’re used to break down organic contaminants and refresh the water. It’s a good idea to shock your pool weekly to keep it in top condition. This helps prevent issues like cloudy water and algae growth, making your pool more inviting for a spontaneous dip.

Pool party happening? Shock the water before and after to prevent issues. High bather load can lead to increased contaminants such as body oils, sunscreen, perfume, detergent on swimsuits, dirt and grass on feet, and more. Get ahead of the issues with pool shock.

BioGuard® Smart Shock® 2 lbs 

BioGuard® Smart Shock® 25 lbs (multi-shock)

BioGuard ® Oxysheen® 7 lbs (non-chlorine shock)

Algae: Your Pool’s Worst Nightmare

Speaking of algae, it can be a real party pooper. High-quality algaecides are your secret weapon against these unwelcome guests. They prevent and kill algae, keeping your pool water clear and beautiful. With regular use, you can say goodbye to green, slimy pool walls and hello to clear, blue water.

BioGuard® Algae Complete® 72 fl. oz.  

BioGuard® Algicide 28-40 1 qt.

Flocculants and Clarifiers: Experience Clean, Clear Water

For crystal-clear water, flocculants and clarifiers are a must. They work together to remove tiny particles from your pool. Flocculants clump the particles together, making them easier for your filter to catch. Clarifiers help your filter work more efficiently, ensuring your water stays sparkling.

BioGuard® PowerFloc® 1 qt.

Swimming Pool Water Testing

Testing your pool water regularly is essential for maintaining balanced water chemistry. Pool testing kits make this task easy. They allow you to check levels of chlorine, bromine, pH, and more. By keeping an eye on these levels, you can make adjustments as needed and keep your pool in perfect shape. 

Taylor® Reagent R0007 2 oz.

If you didn’t know, Mastercraft Pool & Spa offers free water testing for our loyal customers. Simply bring a sample of your water in-store for computerized water testing that tells you exactly what you need!

By stocking up on essential pool supplies and utilizing consistent water testing, you’ll make your pool care routine much simpler. You’ll spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your backyard oasis. Check out our online store to find everything you need to keep your pool in tip-top shape. With Mastercraft Pool & Spa by your side, a pristine pool is just a splash away.

Call in the Pros for Weekly Pool Service!

If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience, consider our weekly pool service by Mastercraft Pool & Spa’s expert technicians. We also offer bi-weekly and monthly options. Our experts will take care of everything, from balancing chemicals to vacuuming and cleaning your filter. It’s like having your own personal pool concierge, ensuring your pool is always ready for a swim. Whatever your swimming pool needs, your pool supply store Mastercraft Pool & Spa is here for you.


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