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How to Dress Up Your Hot Tub this Halloween


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So, you’re wanting to throw the best ever Halloween party this year but don’t know where to start. All of your best ideas come to you when you’re nice and relaxed, so you head out to your spa for some deep thinking. Then a brilliant thought hits you! You’ll trick out your hot tub for a sweet treat and plan the most unique spooky celebration ever!

Halloween Fun with LED Lights

If your hot tub features color changing LED lights, you can pretty much turn it into anything. 

  • Red: Create a muder tub with red lights and floating skeletons.
  • Green or Purple: Transform your spa into a giant cauldron with some toy frogs and other “ingredients.” 
  • Green: Turn your hot tub into a radioactive nightmare with green lights, caution tape, and warning signs. 

A Hot Tub Haunting

If you have a covered hot tub, turning your spa into a haunted house is the perfect way to utilize your whole structure. Add some spider webs with creepy crawling things and other classic Halloween decorations. Have your guests “enter at their own risk” by signing a waiver or something clever. If your hot tub has an audio feature, play some Halloween hits.  

Finishing Touches

When decorating for a spooky party, always try to use your whole space for an immersive experience your party guests will rave about the rest of the year. Add some tombstones to your backyard, or line your patio with jack-o-lanterns. A fog machine can go a long way when it comes to creepy ambiance. 

Did you know that hot tubs make for excellent entertainment for your parties, not just on Halloween, but all year long? Let Mastercraft build you a one-of-a kind Nespa tiled spa for an aquatic creation you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to design your swimming pool or hot tub!


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