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4 Effective Ways To Keep Your Pool Clean Through Summer

A young man with dark hair discovers an effective way to keep his pool clean through the summer by skimming the bottom while wearing goggles and a snorkle.


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Keep your pool clean this summer! Summertime is finally here, and you can spend a lot of time cleaning your pool if you’re not proactive with your pool care. But don’t fret! Effective pool care is not hard to do if you take a little time to know what you’re doing and why. So, let’s talk about four effective ways to keep your pool clean through summer. 

Test Chemical Balance Regularly

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your pool clean is by simply checking your pool chemistry regularly. If you start the pool season with well-balanced chemical levels, then you’ll have an easier time maintaining that balance as you move through the season. The key to effective maintenance is regular testing.

You’ll need to test at least once a week and adjust your chemical levels as needed, but it’s also wise to check your chemical levels after any weather events or large swim parties. Those things can affect your chemical balance and the sooner you can get your chemical levels balanced again the better luck you’ll have maintaining that clear, pristine water. 

Keep Your Pool Clean

Okay, we know this one might sound obvious, but hear us out. Just like cleaning your room when you were a kid, it’s hard to actually clean a room if there’s stuff everywhere. You can’t sweep and mop the floor if there are toys and shoes there. 

The same is true for your swimming pool. If there are pool toys, dead bugs, and leaves everywhere, your pool chemicals are going to have to work that much harder to keep your pool clean. Keep the water clean by emptying your skimmer basket, skimming the top of the water, and always removing pool toys. 

It’s also a great practice to scrub down the sides of the pool and the steps about once a week to remove any build-up on the sides. Give your chemicals the best chance they can have to actually do their job. That way you’ll be able to keep your pool clean through the summer.

Maintain Your Pool Equipment

Another effective way to ensure that your pool stays clean through the summer is to maintain your pool equipment like your filter and your pump. Just knowing what this equipment is supposed to sound like and how it functions will help you know if something is wrong. Then you can call in some help like our team from Mastercraft Pool & Spa in a timely manner which will help keep your pool up and running. 

Hire Professional, Effective Pool Care

And finally, never underestimate the power of professional, effective pool care for keeping your pool clean through the summer. Or Mastercraft Pool & Spa maintenance team is more than prepared to care for your pool and care for it well. You can schedule our team as often as is convenient for you, and we’ll work hard to keep your pool in good working order. 

So leave it to the professionals and don’t even worry about your pool maintenance. When it comes down to it, that’s really the best and most effective way to keep your pool clean all through the summer. 

Give our professional pool service team at Mastercraft Pool & Spa a call to schedule pool maintenance services today. We’ll have your pool up and running, and keep it that way for whenever you’re ready to go for a swim. 


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