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Can You Use Your Hot Tub in Summer?


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Summer is finally here! The season of backyard barbecues, family game nights, and firefly catching couldn’t get much better — until you soak in your hot tub, that is. Many hot tub owners are surprised to find they can continue their hydrotherapy into the warmer months, but you absolutely can use your hot tub in summer!

How to Use Your Hot Tub in Summer

If it’s the heat from your spa that you need for those aches and pains, you can still soak in hot water. You may just want to schedule your spa sessions either in the morning or in the evening when outside temperatures are not quite as hot. Try sipping on your coffee during your morning soak or pair your evening hot tub session with a campfire. 

The Perfect Hot Tub Temperature

Of course if you want to turn your hot tub’s temperature down a few degrees, you can still soak whenever it is convenient for you. The average human body’s core temperature is 98.6, so turning your hot tub down to the low 90’s or even high 80’s can be quite refreshing. Worried about dehydrating your skin by soaking midday? Add MicroSilk® to your spa’s water to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. 

Safety Tips

Hot tub’s are just as safe in the summer as they are in the winter, but whenever you use your hot tub, there are some general safety guidelines to prevent overheating and enhance your spa experience:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Wait till you stop sweating after exercise before hopping in
  • Lower the temperature to stay in longer
  • Check medications for side effects of drowsiness or dizziness

Are you looking to add hydrotherapy to your summer fun? Mastercraft has a beautiful selection of spas to choose from, and we even offer chemical delivery services for both residential and commercial customers. Contact us today and we’ll get you started on your custom spa environment!


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