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Creating A Luxury Retreat At Home With A Swimming Pool

Pictured is a backyard with an inground pool, landscaping, a rock waterfall feature, and a seating area.


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Adding a swimming pool to your home is a major step toward creating your very own luxury retreat right in your backyard. However, to truly live the luxury retreat lifestyle, you may want to consider adding some additional amenities to your pool and pool area. There’s nothing better than resort-grade relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: The Pool

The first step in your journey to create a luxury retreat at home is choosing the best swimming pool for your needs. Mastercraft Pool and Spa carries a wide variety of fiberglass pools as well as custom shotcrete and tiled swimming pools – you can check them out here.

Regardless of what type of pool you are considering, Mastercraft offers pool consultations to help prospective buyers choose their design and make final decisions on each part of the pool. Sometimes it’s the little things that make your pool stand out. Don’t let these details get past you, let us help design your pool!

Step 2: Pool Add-ons

Many pool add-ons are better to add at the time you build your pool; however, you will generally have the option to add these later if you missed them the first time around. Here are a few swimming pool add-on items that you should consider adding to make your own luxury retreat. 

Water Features

Water features, such as a waterfall or fountain, can be just what you need to make your swimming pool experience a luxury one. The view and sound of the moving water will have you relaxed and in your own personal retreat in no time. 

Slides and Diving Boards

Most luxury retreats feature either waterslides or diving boards – or both. Consider adding these fun features to your pool to complete your own at-home retreat. These add-ons aren’t just for kids!

LED Lights

Adding LED lighting within your pool is an easy add-on that can make a big difference. While the lights may not make much of an appearance during the day, they really shine in the evening and at night. 

Pool Ledge – Ledge Lounger

With some pool builds, the addition of a water ledge is an option that is sure to add that luxury feel. With a pool ledge, you will have a seating area with a few inches of water to soak your feet in. If you do add this feature, consider adding Ledge Lounger furniture to complete the look and feel of your luxury add-on. 

Step 3: Additional Backyard Items

While your swimming pool is the highlighted feature of your at-home luxury retreat, your pool surroundings also play a role in that luxury feel. Here are a few options that should help your backyard feel like a getaway whenever you use it. 


The landscaping you choose for your pool area can make a substantial impact on the feel of your property. By adding some large, leafy plants, bright-colored flowers, precisely placed rocks, mulch, landscaping gravel, or other preferred landscaping features, you can change the feel of your entire backyard.

Hot Tub

Nothing complements a swimming pool like a hot tub. The addition of a hot tub to your pool area adds a whole new feature to your backyard luxury retreat. Not only will you have your choice of water feature depending on your mood, but you can also use your hot tub anytime it is too cold to swim in the pool. 

Seating Area

A seating area around or near your pool is essential for adding that luxury feel to your pool retreat. Your seating area can be as simple as lounging chairs around the edge of your pool, or as complex as patio furniture under a gazebo or pergola. Either way, your seating area is sure to be a primary feature of your at-home retreat. 

Are you ready to get started on your at-home luxury retreat? Contact us today! The Mastercraft team of experts is happy to help you with all of your pool needs and questions. We don’t believe that any project is too big or small. If you can dream it, we can build it.  


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