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How Many Hours Per Day Does My Pool Pump Need to Run?

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Are you a new pool owner? At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, we know the learning curve involved in caring for your pool pump can be intimidating. The pool pump is a new piece of equipment and a crucial one! How many hours does it need to run per day, anyway? This answer depends on a few factors, like off-peak hours and the horsepower of your pump. However, we can confidently say that you do not need to run your pool pump 24/7. Not only will a few hours per day suffice to keep your pool clean, but it will also help you save on your utility bills.

The Average? Pump 8 Hours per Day.

Your pool pump should run for at least eight hours per day. That will give it plenty of time to circulate fully through the water and keep it fresh and clean. And here’s an energy — and money! – saving tip: Only run your pump during off-peak utility hours of the day. That’s usually between the hours of 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Set your pump to run during the night while you sleep to capitalize on those savings. Turn it on before bed, and then turn it off when you wake up.

You can also research the off-peak utility hours for your area and set the pump to run with your pool timer. They don’t have to be consecutive hours, either. You could run your pump for three hours in the early morning, three more hours in the afternoon, then the final two at night. 

No matter what, a good goal is eight hours each day unless you have unique circumstances. 

Unique Circumstances? Check Your Pump’s Horsepower.

The number of hours per day that your pump runs can also depend on how much horsepower it has. The average is eight hours, but the higher the horsepower, the fewer hours it needs to run. And alternately, the lower the horsepower, the longer it needs to run.

For example, if you have a higher horsepower pump and a smaller pool, it will power through the circulation cycle much faster than a smaller pump with a larger pool. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy a larger pump for a smaller pool – that can overpower your filtration system and pipes. You don’t want that. Plus, running a higher horsepower pump costs more than a lower one, especially if you run it more than eight hours a day.

Double check your pool pump’s label to see how much horsepower it has. The average is 1 HP, but if it’s higher than that, even the minimum of eight hours may be too much. More horsepower pool pumps are typically reserved for commercial pools and aquatic centers. If your pool pump’s horsepower is high, reduce the number of hours your pump runs from four to six hours.

If you have questions about which pool pump would be the best fit for your pool, Mastercraft Pool & Spa can help. Our experts can point you in the right direction and provide specific guidance based on your pool and pump. We can also help you build the pool of your dreams or service your existing pool to ensure everything is in top condition. If you can dream it, we can build it.


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