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4 Valentine’s Date Ideas for Your Hot Tub

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Are you looking for a fun and romantic way to spend quality time alone with your special someone on your Valentine’s Date? Using your hot tub from Mastercraft Pool and Spa, you can achieve the ultimate romantic night in. Grab a few things you probably have around the house and settle in for the evening with these four great ideas that are sure to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable. 

1. Dinner and a Movie for a Valentine’s Date in Your Hot Tub

Instead of going out to dinner and a movie, fighting crowds, and spending a ton of money, opt to stay home and do the same! You can order takeout or cook your own meal at home. Either way, make sure you have your partner’s favorites ready to go. Enjoy your meal with candles or even as a picnic by the fire to set the mood for your evening. 

Once dinner is over, grab your robes and head out to the hot tub. Bonus points if you scatter some rose petals, add specialty hot tub aromatherapy or salts, and add some more candles. Grab your projector and screen (DIY your setup with your phone and a white bed sheet). Snuggle up for your partner’s favorite movie. Enjoy it in the privacy of your own home. 

You can even go the extra mile with popcorn and candy if you like. Remember to be careful with the oil from the popcorn around the hot tub. Throw a tennis ball or two in once you are done to remove any oils that could get in the water. You will also want to check the water chemistry.

2. Game Night in Your Hot Tub

If you are looking for more excitement or a group date activity, check out available waterproof games. You can choose a favorite and host a game night for a group of friends. From family fun to more adult games, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this category.

3. Spa Evening as a Valentine’s Date

Our favorite idea is creating a spa night for your significant other. Have fresh fruit, massage oils, face masks, and the works ready to go for this fun evening. Start the night by relaxing together in your hot tub with a glass of champagne and strawberries. Then pamper them as if they were at a spa with a facial and a massage.  

4. Reconnect for Your Valentine’s Date

Finally, if you really want to spend intimate time with your special someone, grab some discussion cards or an app to prompt different topics and questions. Relax together, reminisce about the past, have fun in the moment, or dream about the future. You can find conversation cards easily for all topics and occasions. 

Whatever you decide to do for your Valentine’s Day this year, a hot tub from Mastercraft Pool and Spa will make the night more relaxing and memorable. In fact, it will make every day more relaxing and memorable! Stop by and see all the beautiful options we have in-store today. Our expert consultants will help you find the perfect one for you to enjoy.


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