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How to Surprise Someone with a Sundance Spa for the Holidays

A Sundance Spa


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Brilliant! You’ve decided to gift that special someone in your life with a Sundance® Spa. It’s a good thing the daunting process of “what to get them” is out of the way. But don’t relax just yet — you’re not quite finished. Everyone knows that great holiday gift giving takes planning in advance. So how exactly do you surprise someone with a Sundance Spa for the holidays? Well, we’re here to tell you.

Yes, Details Matter

First, check that list twice… no, not the naughty list, the other one. Have you chosen the perfect Sundance Spa for that unique person in your life? Yes, there is a list of options to consider. From the number of seats, to the configuration, color, extras, and more, there are options. 

Think about the person you’re gifting the spa to. Would they benefit from an abundance of hydrotherapy? Say hello to the Kingston™ 980™ Series spa designed with the Patented Fluidix® Jets and Silent Air® jets to combat stress and soothe muscles. Sometimes we don’t like to share our shiny, new toys, but if the spa will serve as a gathering haven, maybe the Optima® model from the 880™ series that seats up to 7 adults would best suit your person. Perhaps, the new spa will serve as a winter playground with the grandkids for years to come. In that case, the Sundance® Splash™ Series offers Plug n’ Play models that are simple to install in your selected space. 

Speaking of space, consider the future location of the spa, the foundation, and other preparations that need to be made to successfully pull off this surprise. When you have a holiday deadline, time is of the essence. Site prepping and the spa delivery both take time. The experts at Mastercraft Pool & Spa welcome your questions and will assist you with the details.

Mastercraft Pool & Spa Offers Christmas Eve Deliveries

Christmas Eve delivery of in-stock models is available. If you want to experience the pleasure of the spa that night, coordinate with an electrician to complete pre-delivery work. On delivery day the spa hookup will take about 30 to 45 minutes. Then, voila! The spa can be warming up while you’re out enjoying Christmas Eve festivities with the family. There may be snow on the ground, but chills are nowhere to be found when your loved one finally relaxes in their glorious Sundance Spa. 

Typically, to have a spa delivered before Christmas, the purchase would need to be made 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time. Small Business Saturday is a great time to buy. But don’t fret if you’ll miss the delivery window. You can still surprise that special someone with a Sundance Spa for the holidays! Even if the installation will be a few days later, you can place a fantastic spa basket with a special note under the Christmas tree. Who doesn’t love a luxurious, monogrammed robe? And don’t forget the fluffy towels and spa aromatherapy!

It’s important to plan ahead to surprise someone with a Sundance Spa for the holidays. Decide which Sundance Spa reflects your someone special. They’ll be impressed you paid attention to the details. Next, consider the location and the foundation for the spa. Does the site need to be built or revamped for the spa? How about electricity? Is the circuit appropriate and protected? Answer the relevant questions and connect with the qualified staff at Mastercraft Pool & Spa to strategize. Schedule your test soak to find the perfect spa this holiday season.


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