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Should You Plan a “Polar Bear Plunge” in Your Pool?


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Now that frost is in the air, the last place you are probably planning a party is in your swimming pool. But, if you are looking for a unique twist on the classic social get-together, your pool is exactly the place you want to be! Get ready and plan a “Polar Bear Plunge” in your pool for the ultimate winter party.

What is a Polar Bear Plunge exactly?

This annual event, which is on January 1, is a gathering of thrill-seekers who jump into the freezing waters of areas like Coney Island and Lake Ontario to raise money for charities. While there are no actual polar bears involved (we hope), this unique twist to raise recognition for non-profit organizations has become increasingly popular over the years. Think “Ice Bucket Challenge” to the extreme! 

How to Plan a Polar Bear Plunge in Your Pool

If adrenaline is your middle name, you might consider hosting your own “Polar Bear Plunge” party. These usually take place on New Years Day, but you could do it anytime that works for you. You will need to open your pool for the day, which can take a little prep work. But as long as you have been keeping up with your winter maintenance, it shouldn’t take too long. Clear the cover, test and balance the water, and decorate! 

A few fun special touches that you can incorporate into your winter pool party planning are.

  • Raise money for the charity of your choice.
  • Have a costume contest.
  • Let friends invite friends so everyone can meet new people.
  • Set up a hot cocoa bar.

Is it healthy?

On the surface, jumping into a swimming pool in the middle of winter sounds like a really, really bad idea. But as it turns out, it’s quite safe*, and dare we even say, fun? Seasoned Plungers will tell you it’s an invigorating experience like none other. There are some dos and don’ts before you take your first arctic plunge.

  • Do: Take a practice shower. 30 seconds in icy cold water will help prepare your mind and body before you submerge yourself.
  • Don’t: Drink alcohol. While it may feel like it warms you up, alcohol decreases your body’s temperature and can quickly lead to unsafe situations.
  • Do: Wear a swimming cap if your hair is longer. You’ll be able to warm up much faster if your head isn’t soaking wet.
  • Don’t: Stay in the water for more than a couple of minutes. Hyperthermia takes about 30 minutes to set in, while cold water incapacitation can start after approximately 5 minutes. 

Don’t limit your swimming pool to the summer season only. If you’ve got a knack for adventure, plan a “Polar Bear Plunge” in your pool this year. Consider making it an annual get together whether you choose to raise money for charity or not. At Mastercraft Pool & Spa, you’ll find all the pool chemicals you need to keep your water clean and healthy, no matter the time of year. And, if you don’t have a swimming pool already, we are only a phone call away to help you design your new fiberglass or gunite pool today!

*If you have preexisting conditions or limitations that would hinder your participation, please consult a doctor before plunging.


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