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What is a Low-Impact Workout, and How Does a Swim Spa Help?

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Are you curious about how a low-impact workout can change your workout routine for the better? Mastercraft Pool and Spa know the secret to achieving a perfect low-impact workout every time is to work out in a swim spa! The water provides support so that workouts are never too tough on your joints, allowing you to work out longer than you ever thought possible.

What is a low-impact workout?

A low-impact workout is simply a workout that is easier on your joints. Take running, for example. You are putting a lot of jarring pressure on your knees, hips, and ankles. A low-impact workout takes that pressure away.

When riding an exercise bike, you could run into the same issues. When you lift off the seat and push as hard as you can, this is harder on your hips, knees, and ankles. Staying seated for your ride is a way to help remove some of this, but water just does a better job.

How does a swim spa help?

The water in a swim spa takes a lot of the weight off of your joints while you are working out, creating the low-impact workout you crave while still allowing you to push yourself. Most people imagine water aerobics as the only option, though. While this is one way to work out in your swim spa, it is not the only way.

Swimming is obviously an option in a swim spa. The currents that are created allow you to swim in place just like you would in a large swimming pool or the ocean to get in a more intense workout if you want. 

You can do so much more in today’s swim spas, though. With a treadmill, stationary bike, rowing, and resistance band options available to add on, your workout options in a swim spa are unlimited. 

How does it help me long term?

Doing a low-impact workout in your swim spa several times a week will allow you to build up stamina no matter where you are starting from physically. It will also allow you to maintain a consistent workout routine by helping to prevent some injuries and damage that can occur. 

We have all felt the sting of getting older and waking up with a stiff neck or back because we slept wrong. Making sure we take good care of our bodies in the here and now will allow us to remain healthier longer. 

Where do I get a swim spa?

Mastercraft Pool and Spa has a wonderful swim spa selection that you can come in-store to try out for yourself. Once you have experienced the ease and joy of working out in a swim spa, you won’t need the gym membership anymore.

Plus, doing a workout in your swim spa means that you can immediately move to a relaxed recovery phase when you finish by soaking in a seat with the jets running just like a hot tub.

Skip the gym membership this year and for as long as you like with your own swim spa. We can’t wait to help you make the best selection for you.


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