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What is the Best Heating Option for My Pool?


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Your swimming pool is no doubt one of your best, most thoughtful investments for your home. So there’s no question you would want to extend your pool season. With a pool heater, you can enjoy your swimming pool even longer, which means more outdoor exercise and memory-making recreation. We’ve put together a quick rundown to help you choose the best heating option for your pool! 

Gas = Fast

Living in a colder climate means when you want heat, you want it NOW. As you’re shopping through all of your pool heating choices, a gas powered heater is definitely the fastest way to get your pool to a comfortable temperature. It works by cycling your pool water through a combustion chamber portion of the pool heater as the natural (or propane) gas is burning, effectively heating your water to the perfect level of cozy. While a gas heater is the fastest way to warm your water, it’s also the most expensive. But sometimes convenience is worth the price.

Mean Green Solar Machine 

Another way to heat your pool’s water is through the use of a solar heater. While solar panels are the most expensive upfront, you’ll quickly start saving money, and you’ll keep saving as time goes on. A solar heater might be for you if you don’t mind waiting for your water to heat up, because while it’s definitely cost-saving, it also takes the longest to heat. It’s also not ideal for winter use, but can make morning or evening swims more comfortable in the summer. It can also help extend your pool season. 

Eco-Friendly Electric

You can almost certainly find an eco-friendly option for any type of heater you choose, but an electric pool heater doesn’t omit byproducts that are harmful for the environment. They do cost more than the solar panels when you look at month-to-month cost, but they also work a bit better than solar in cooler weather. 

It’s worth noting that in temperatures 45 degrees and below, an electric pump isn’t nearly as efficient as a gas heater when it comes to maintaining a warm temperature in your water. But, a gas heater isn’t quite as good for the environment. 

Heat Pump

A heat pump uses the surrounding air, passing it over a coil and sending the heat back into your pool. It’s energy-efficient, easy to install, and cost efficient to run, but because it uses the surrounding air, it doesn’t work well when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. It’s a great option if you’re wanting to open your pool a bit before summer starts or keep it going longer into autumn.  

Pick Two

If one heating option for your pool doesn’t seem adequate, you could combine two. For instance, you could have a solar heater and an electric heater for different times of the year to help save money during your pool season. It’s a fantastic addition, and could significantly extend your swimming months and make your heaters more efficient when it comes to quickly heating the water.

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