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What You Should Consider When Building a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is just what you need for day after day of enjoyment.


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Ah, the glory of summer days spent with family and friends at the pool. If only you had a lovely space of your own to retreat to each day. What a wonderful world it would be to own your own swimming pool. In fact, the more you think about it, the better of an idea this is starting to sound!

Where can you get the perfect pool? And what things should you consider when adding a swimming pool to your yard?

Mastercraft Pool & Spa is the Interior Northwest’s premier pool builder. We understand that the benefits of swimming pools are endless and work to make sure your swimming pool exceeds your expectations. So let’s get started on all you need to know to help us build your favorite space at home.

Determine Your Swimming Pool Location

When it comes to building a swimming pool, location is key. You should consider factors such as the size of your yard, slopes or installation challenges, the amount of sunlight you desire, and any potential trees or landscaping that needs to be moved. 

Then, what type of pool best fits your location? Would you prefer a tiled pool, a beautiful fiberglass pool with an array of size and shape options, or a stunning shotcrete pool with endless customizations? Think through your location needs to narrow down your choices.

Set Your Budget

The cost of building a swimming pool can vary greatly depending on the type of pool and the materials used. But, in general, how much does a swimming pool cost? With Mastercraft, it’s easy to budget. In fact, unlike many other pool builders who leave you in the dark where pool pricing is concerned, our fiberglass pool price ranges are listed right on our website for your research and planning. Or, if you prefer a tiled pool or a custom shotcrete pool, we are happy to do a consultation to give you an idea of how to budget.

Need financing? We’ve got you covered. You can set your budget, find your financing, and choose your perfect pool, all with our helpful team. We can also help you consider what pool features you need in order to make your vision come to life without breaking the bank. Mastercraft will work within your budget to build the perfect pool for you.

Design the Perfect Pool with Your Premier Pool Builder

Once you’ve determined the budget and location for your swimming pool, it’s time to start thinking about design. This is where things really start to get exciting! Think about what kind of shape would work best with your backyard layout and what features you’d like included such as water features, a spa, or a slide. Make sure to research different types of pools so that you can find one that fits both your needs and aesthetic desires perfectly.

Our design team members are experts at bringing your pool vision to life. With our 3D pool renderings, you can see how your new pool design will look in your backyard before construction even starts. With Mastercraft on your side, there’s no more guessing about what pool is right for you. There’s only pure joy in seeing your pool dreams come to fruition.

Don’t Forget Safety Features

Finally, don’t forget about safety when building a swimming pool! It’s important to consider installing safety features such as fencing around the perimeter of the pool area, an alarm system that will alert adults if anyone enters the area unsupervised, and a pool safety cover

Other safety measures include installing non-slip decking surfaces around the edges of your pool, drain safety covers, ensuring proper lighting in both the pool and surrounding landscape, and adding handrails along steps leading into pool areas. Planning well will ensure everyone stays safe while having fun in your new backyard oasis.

Prepare for Your Swimming Pool Installation Process

The installation process for your swimming pool can vary greatly depending on the type of material chosen and whether or not help is needed for excavation or special location needs. Your pool plans will go through a permitting process to ensure local compliance with your municipality. 

Then comes the fun part – putting in your new pool! Prepare both mentally and logistically for a bit of a mess until your pool is completed. Is there anything you need to relocate such as a swing set, trampoline, hot tub, or other backyard amenities? Do you need to have alternate outside spaces for kids or pets? Think through everything that needs to be accomplished before installation day.

Ongoing Pool Maintenance

Finally! Your gorgeous new pool is installed and you couldn’t love it more. Now how do you take care of it?

Maintaining a swimming pool requires regular cleaning and chemical balancing in order to keep it safe for swimmers. But because you have chosen Mastercraft as your professional pool builder, you have access to the leading lines of maintenance chemicals and supplies too. And with free water testing for loyal customers, getting the exact water care products you need is a breeze. Order online or stop in-store anytime to pick up what you need. 

Start Your Journey to Pool Bliss Today

As you can see, embarking on the journey to pool ownership is one amazing investment with decades of payoff. From outside dinners poolside to relaxing and playing with family and friends in your new sparkling oasis, you’ll be so glad you took the dive into exceptional pool ownership. 
Get started today by downloading your free Fiberglass Pool Buyer’s Guide or contact us to schedule your consultation. We can’t wait to bring your pool dreams to life!


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