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4 Workouts You Need to Try in a Swim Spa

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Did you invest in a swim spa to better your workout routine this year? Mastercraft Pool & Spa experts know that while swimming is the go-to exercise in a swim spa, there are also so many more exercises to try! Learning about all the ways your swim spa can be utilized takes some time, but we want to help speed up that process. You can find a plethora of options online, but there are some of our favorite ways to workout in our swim spa.

Cardio as a Workout or a Warm-Up

While swimming is an obvious workout of choice in a swim spa, you can also walk, run, or even bike in a swim spa! Doing a quick 10 minutes of cardio before diving into a weight-lifting workout can help you to burn more calories while working out. 

Some of us even enjoy doing a full cardio workout. Take those same exercises and do them for as long as you like. You will get those calories burned without all the wear and tear on your body while doing them outside the swim spa.

Upper Body Workout

Once you are all warmed up, you can do an upper-body workout with water weights, resistance bands, or a rowing kit. All of these options provide upper body strength building with variety. Make sure you hit all of the muscle groups using different ones on different days. 

Rowing can provide an all-over upper body workout as well as some core strength training. Using water weights will allow you to target specific muscle groups. Use the exact exercises you love in the gym, just in the water.

Lower Body Workout

You can also achieve a lower body workout in your swim spa by doing squats or even yoga poses. This can not only build lower body strength but help with balance and mobility. If doing things like jump squats or jumping jacks hurt you on the ground, try them in your swim spa instead.

Full-Body Workout

Combine any of these, or use swimming or rowing to achieve that full-body workout. Make a workout your own, and never get bored doing the same old thing every day. If you really want to have fun, try something out of the box like an old jazzercise class, step aerobics on the seats, or yoga class in the swim spa. 

The possibilities are endless in a swim spa of your own. A quick Google search will offer all the workout videos you can imagine. Pick any of them and try them out in the water. The low-impact environment allows anyone the opportunity to work out. To those of us who have mobility issues or are heavier, it will enable us to work out more consistently and for longer stretches. 

Make this year the year you meet all the health goals you have set. Never get bored of your workout. Never tire of always driving to the gym. Enjoy your own space exercising, relaxing, or hanging out with friends and family.

If you are interested in a swim spa of your own, Mastercraft can help you find the perfect one for you. Even enjoy a wet test in-store. We can’t wait to help you make this the best year yet.


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