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5 Things to Do On Your Hot Tub Care Checklist

hot tub care


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We all have that list of hot tub care tasks we leave undone or put off as long as we possibly can. Doing this with an investment like your hot tub can have expensive repercussions, though. With colder weather here, it is an excellent time to make sure your hot tub is in good condition to use throughout the winter season. Our experts at Mastercraft Pool and Spa have compiled a short list to make sure your investment will stand the test of time. 

5 Hot Tub Care To-Dos

1. Clean your filters

One of the quickest and simplest ways to get going with your hot tub care is to clean your filters. Pull them from the hot tub and spray them with a water hose. Once all the loose debris is removed, soak them in filter cleaner in a bucket. Follow the instructions with the cleaner; voila, you have clean filters to put back in your hot tub! 

If they have been in place for a year or longer, it may be time to purchase new ones. In which case, this step just became even easier! Visit our online store to have a new one shipped directly to you. 

2. Clean your cover

The next step is to clean your cover. We all know that left sitting unused or moved for too long can allow mold and mildew to build up on a cover. Cleaning it monthly will ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Simply spray down with a hose to remove any loose debris. Then grab some mild soap and water with a soft sponge. Use these tools to remove any places that may be more stubborn. Your cover can look as good as new in just a few minutes.

If you notice cracks or sagging while cleaning your cover, this indicates it is time to replace your cover. Visit us in our Pocatello store to see the beautiful options we have to offer.

3. Clean your hot tub’s shell

The process used in step 2 to clean your cover can be used to clean your hot tub’s shell. We do not recommend putting soap on the inside of your tub with water in it—this will create problems you don’t want to deal with. Keep the soap on the outside for now. Use a wet cloth to wipe down the headrests and around the water line if you like.

4. Clean the pipes

This step can be simple as well. Turn your jets on full blast and use a hot tub pipe cleaner to run through the pipes. You can just hang back and watch for this; no need to scrub anything!

5. Drain and fill your hot tub

The final step is to drain and fill your hot tub with new water. You only need to do this and clean the pipes around every three months or so. Drain all the water from the tub and wipe down surfaces you can’t usually reach. Once everything is wiped clean, fill the tub with new water and rebalance your chemicals.

These 5 simple steps will keep your hot tub running for years. If you are having trouble with your hot tub, contact our expert service team at Mastercraft. We are available to help troubleshoot any problems you may have.


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