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Our Ultimate Hot Tub Care Guide

Hot Tub Care


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We all know that hot tub care requires a little bit of knowledge and practice. With this handy hot tub care guide from Mastercraft Pool and Spa, you will be well on your way to mastering the routine of hot tub care. We will break down what your hot tub needs to stay in top condition by daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. These simple steps will ensure you enjoy your hot tub for years to come. 

Daily Hot Tub Care

There are two elementary things that should be done daily for your hot tub to stay in top condition. It is not a hard and fast rule if that is impossible for you. Doing these things every other day can be acceptable. If you plan to leave your hot tub unused for extended periods, then further precautions will need to be taken. 

Run your hot tub to circulate the water.

Taking time to run your hot tub for 15 to 20 minutes each day will keep the water circulated and fresh. If you use your hot tub daily, this will happen naturally with no change to your schedule. This can also be fine if you use your hot tub every other day. The goal is to keep the water moving and fresh. Stagnant water can become quite gross. So, the goal is to keep everything moving.

Add tennis balls after use.

Another quick thing you can do daily is to throw some tennis balls in when you are finished using your hot tub. Tennis balls help to soak up extra oils and contaminants in the water. Since we leave these behind each time we bathe, it is good to toss some in to soak things up when you are done. It will keep your water cleaner and help you to use fewer chemicals over time.

Weekly Hot Tub Care

Weekly tasks are likely the most crucial aspect of hot tub care, where you will balance your water and maintain the general cleanliness of your hot tub. Skipping out on these tasks can cause some pretty significant problems, unlike your daily tasks.

Test your hot tub water and balance the chemistry

You will want to use test strips to check your water chemistry weekly. These nifty tools will tell you where your water is and what is needed, showing you which chemicals need to be added. You will want to check before adding chemicals and after adding them to ensure that everything is where it needs to be. Make sure to use quality chemicals, as they will last longer and do a better job overall.

Rinse your filter with the water hose.

While you wait for the chemicals you added to dissolve in the water, you can pop your filter out and spray it off with a hose. This will remove any loose build-up to keep it working in top condition. Put it back in place and turn the hot tub on to circulate the chemicals you added throughout the water. 

Wipe down the hot tub cover and hot tub.

While the hot tub distributes the chemicals, take time to wipe things down. Start with the hot tub cover and use water with a tiny amount of bleach to keep mildew at bay. Once you have finished wiping the hot tub cover, move to the headrests and around the water line. You can also wipe down the hot tub shell at this point if you want. Keeping things like dirt and mildew off of your hot tub will ultimately keep your water in better condition longer.

Monthly Hot Tub Care

There is only one monthly task, similar to a weekly job you are already doing. We are just going to take it a step further.

Clean your filter with a cleaning solution

Pick one day each month to take your filter cleaning up a notch. Instead of just spraying it down with a water hose, grab some cleaning solution and spray the filter. You can scrub at any spots that are more stuck on. Then rise like normal with the hose. While not imperative, this added step will help keep your filter running better and longer, saving you money. 

Quarterly Hot Tub Care

The final portion of your cleaning schedule is two things you will want to do every three to four months. These two things will keep your entire hot tub working in top condition as long as possible and are also essential to the health of anyone using your hot tub.

Soak your filter in cleaning solution

You will want to soak your filter in a chemical solution every three to four months. You can do this just like before. Pull the filter out and place it in a bucket with the solution. Let it soak for a few minutes while you test the water and add the necessary chemicals. Remove it and spray it off with a water hose. When the filter doesn’t come clean with chemicals anymore, it is time for a new filter. They are inexpensive to buy, so don’t put them off. It will keep your water healthier. 

Drain and clean your hot tub

The biggest thing to do every three to four months is to drain and clean your hot tub. Draining your hot tub is a simple but time-consuming process, and a sump pump will help you do this quickly. Once the hot tub is drained, you can clean the inside, which is usually underwater. Be sure to get around jets and headrests really well during this time. You can then refill and balance the water as usual. This task can also be helpful if you have more significant water clarity issues.

We do NOT recommend doing this on days that it is freezing. Try to do this on milder days to protect your hot tub’s pipes and inner workings. Look at the calendar and try to schedule things around this. Living in Idaho, we tend to have pretty cold winters, so this is something to consider.

If you have any other questions, our experts are here to help. With a service team and the ability to order any spa chemicals you need online, Mastercraft can ensure your hot tub is running in top condition all year round. Let us know how we can help you today.


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