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6 Reasons Why Mama Needs a Hot Tub


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You know you’re Mom’s favorite, but why not seal the deal with an unbeatable Mother’s Day present this year? With all the craziness that may have come with parenting recently, let’s just go ahead and say Mama deserves something extra special this year. Give her the gift she really deserves when you tell her she’s getting her own personal spa! 

Spa Days Are Expensive

An average day at a spa retreat goes for about $200 and in most cases even more. Why spend all that money for just one day, leaving it up to her to find childcare and fit it in her schedule, when she can have a spa experience every day with a hot tub? Let her fit in a hot tub soak when it’s most convenient for her — without giving her another errand to run.

Better Sleep for Mama

Did you know that it takes six years for a parent’s sleep to recover after having a baby? But adding a hot tub soak to her nightly routine gives your favorite mom the opportunity to catch some well deserved Zzzs… letting her sleep deeper and longer every night. 

When Mama’s Happy, Everyone’s Happy

Soaking in a hot tub releases feel-good endorphins — causing feelings of contentment and pleasure. This means that the right hot tub will quite literally make Mom happy. And as we all know, ain’t nobody happy unless mama’s happy. 

Pain Relief

Imagine the years spent with pregnancy, baby-wearing, and toddler-carrying and you’ll find aches and pains in places you didn’t know existed. With hot tub hydrotherapy, Mom can finally start treating the wear and tear her body has endured. Hydrotherapy is one of the safest and most effective treatments for pain. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Trips to the gym can feel impossible, and so can eating right when you put everyone else’s needs before your own. Regular soaks in a hot tub have been proven to help maintain a healthy weight by reducing stress, cravings, and boosting energy — all things that help keep Mom healthy and at the top of her game.

More Quality Time

Of course Mama craves some alone time, but she also desires extra time with all the people she loves most in the world. A hot tub brings everyone together for games, laughter, and memories. They even work great for spontaneous date nights!

While you can certainly take credit for this gift all on your own, it’s also perfect if it’s from the whole family. Let Mastercraft Pool & Spa help you get your mom the spa of her dreams — making this Mother’s Day one to go down in history. Contact us today and let our highly-trained spa professionals help you build a custom spa retreat in your very own backyard. Mom will thank you over and over again, for decades to come.


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