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Cool Exercises to Try in Your Swim Spa


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You’re gearing up for another awesome workout in your swim spa. While you know that swimming is one of the best total body exercises out there, you wonder if there might be a few more things you can try. Mix up your daily routine and challenge your body when you try these cool and effective exercises in your swim spa.

Lower Body

Take leg day to a whole new level when you try these lower body moves.

  • Running: Yes, running! Did you know you can run in place against the current in a swim spa? Running in a swim spa is a cardio exercise that’s low impact on your joints, but high impact on your calorie burn.
  • Tick-Tock Hop: No equipment necessary, this easy-to-perform workout just asks you to hop from side to side with your feet together for one to two minutes. The more you bend your knees when you jump, the better. Try some really upbeat music to help you get in the zone. 


Improve back pain and balance with these exercises for your core:

  • Water Plank: Grab your pool noodle and hold it vertically in both hands. Push it down into the water towards the floor and lean forward until your body is at an incline with your head just about water. Try to hold this position for one to two minutes, or as long as you can.
  • Rotations: You’ll need some water dumbbells to hold in each hand. Stand in the middle of your spa with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly, and hold the weights vertically, in front of your stomach. Keep your back straight and rotate side to side. One rep is one complete rotation starting towards the right, back to center, to the left and back to center. Try for 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps. 

Upper Body

Feel the burn when you add these upper body moves:

  • Modified Push-Ups: Simply do a regular push-up, except instead of lying on the ground, you’ll be standing up, and pushing against the side of the spa rather than the floor.
  • Chest Press: Stand so that your chest is submerged underwater and hold your water dumbbells against your chest with your palms facing toward the floor. Push your arms outward until they’re straight, squeezing your chest muscles together. Once your arms are straight, bring them back to your chest to complete a rep. You can also turn on your swimming jets for added resistance. 
  • Resistance Training: Push your workout to the next level. With banded resistance workouts or rowing exercises, you’ll build strength and endurance. 

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