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Can a Swim Spa be Installed Indoors?


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You want a swim spa, but you don’t want to take up any room in your yard. Or, you’d like a little extra privacy when you exercise. Maybe you’re sensitive to sunlight, or simply would enjoy the convenience of having a swim spa inside your home. No matter your reason, you’ve probably wondered, “Can a swim spa be installed indoors?” during your decision-making. We’re here to tell you, yes! You can have your ATV ™ swim spa inside your home, but there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. Let’s dive in!

Creating a Moisture Resistant Room

Whenever you add moisture to an enclosed area, you have to take precautions against mold and mildew. This is especially true with a swim spa, as the water is heated. This leads to quicker evaporation and as a result —more moisture buildup. The good news is that creating a moisture-resistant room is a definite possibility! Make sure that your floors and walls are made with a rot-resistant material. You should also take action and mop up any water that drips when you exit your ATV, as well as wiping condensation buildup as it forms on your walls. 

Essential Ventilation 

Heat rises and so does steam. As we mentioned before, when evaporation occurs, there’s nowhere for the excess moisture to go but up. If you want to install your swim spa indoors, it’s vitally important to have good air circulation, especially if you plan on setting it up in a place like a sunroom that retains heat. You can do this by having a fan, vents, or even an air ventilation system for a well-circulated room and a more comfortable you.

Double Layer Protection

If the room where you’re having your ATV swim spa installed features windows, you’ll want to make sure that they are well insulated. When the cold surfaces from your windows and walls meet the warm air on the inside, you get—you guessed it: moisture. The simple addition of some well-insulated windows and extra insulated walls will help you combat the ever-present moisture, keeping mold and mildew at bay. Double bonus: Insulated windows are energy-efficient, which means you could save on your heating and air costs throughout the year!

The Right Flooring Choice

We’ve already talked about the necessity of having moisture-resistant floors. But, the material you choose for the room with your indoor swim spa should also be non-slip. The best choice for flooring is a non-slip tile. You can always add a few slip-resistant mats surrounding the entrance to your swim spa for maximum safety. 

Can a swim spa be installed indoors? Absolutely! Just be sure to take a few extra steps to ensure you get the most out of your swim spa ownership. If you’re ready for the newest addition to your Pocatello home, contact Mastercraft! Our amazing selection of ATV swim spas are just right for your fitness and recreation needs. And, don’t forget those chemicals to keep your unit clean and healthy. Shop online, or call us at 208-237-6557 today to learn more!


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