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Not All Concrete Pools Are the Same

Shotcrete pools are more customizable and durable than form-and-pour pools.


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Emerging from a long Idaho winter, we greet the rays of the sun with new appreciation and revel in its warmth on our skin. Summer is just around the corner. And summer means one thing: pool time! Is this year finally the time for you to fulfill your dream of having your own backyard pool? Whether you have performed a deep dive into the world of pool construction or are just now performing your first internet search on the subject, you have probably already seen the options and specifications available for new pools. 

If you’ve already compared fiberglass and concrete pools and have decided that a concrete pool better suits what you are trying to accomplish in your pool yard, you may be surprised to learn that there are different types of concrete pools to choose between as well. So, what is the difference between shotcrete, gunite, and form-and-pour concrete pools? When it comes to quality and durability, it is important to understand that not all concrete pools are the same. Let’s take a look at the different types of concrete pools on the market and discover which is best to bring your pool dreams to life.

Shotcrete vs. Gunite Concrete Pools

Shotcrete and gunite pools are similarly constructed by spraying concrete through a hose onto a prepared surface. The difference between shotcrete and gunite lies in when the concrete is mixed. With gunite pools, the concrete is dry mixed by shooting dry concrete materials through the hose and adding water when the concrete hits the nozzle of the hose, spraying the just-mixed concrete onto the pool shape. A shotcrete pool is wet mixed by shooting prepared concrete through the hose with a blast of air at the nozzle to help apply the concrete to the pool surface. 

Shotcrete and gunite pools both allow for complete customization of the look, shape, and finishing of your pool. Dream big! Whether you want decorative tile finishing, custom rock formations or waterfalls, or a pool in the shape of a peanut, shotcrete and gunite allow for freedom and creativity in the design and finish of your pool.

Shotcrete and Gunite Pools vs. Form-and-Pour Concrete Pools

Form-and-pour concrete pools, on the other hand, are made by building a framed structure for the pool and pouring cement into the mold to create the pool. This type of pool is limited to the shape of a built frame. For this reason, form-and-pour pools are almost always a simple rectangular shape.

Shotcrete and gunite pools are of higher quality, lasting longer and withstanding more than form-and-pour pools. All pools require maintenance, but shotcrete and gunite pools require less maintenance in the long run than form-and-pour pools. Moreover, studies show that shotcrete and gunite are more durable than poured concrete. More resilience and less maintenance means less money and less worry overall when you own a shotcrete or gunite pool.

Not All Concrete Pools Are the Same

Choose Quality and Endurance for Your Pool

At Mastercraft Pool & Spa we use only the best materials to build high-quality, long-lasting shotcrete pools. Are you ready to take the plunge into your own inground pool at long last? Allow Pocatello’s premier pool builders to help you create a shotcrete pool to make all your summer dreams come true. Contact us if you have questions on the best pool for your yard. Let’s get started on your custom pool today!


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