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Why is My Hot Tub Water Foamy (& All Your Other Water Clarity Issues SOLVED)

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Although the foam can be an interesting thing to look at, generally you don’t want foamy hot tub water. It’s not an indication of anything terribly wrong with your hot tub water, but it can give some clues to what is going on in the chemistry of your spa. And there are a few things to consider to fix it. But that’s not the only potential problem you may see with your hot tub water. So let’s get to it: why is there foam in your hot tub and all your other water clarity issues solved. 

What Can Cause Foamy Hot Tub Water?

Foamy hot tub water can be caused by a couple of different issues going on in your water chemistry. One reason you have foamy hot tub water could be a chemical imbalance. If your calcium levels are low, then your water is more prone to the foam you see. The solution? All you need to do is test your chemical levels about once a week to make sure they’re balanced. SpaGuard® has a line of water balancers perfectly designed for simple maintenance. 

Another simple reason you may see foam in your hot tub water is because of an excess build-up of foreign products that come in on your skin. We’re talking about things like lotions, oils, and detergents. All of these chemicals leave your skin when you take a soak in your hot tub, and they build up over time which can lead to excess foam. 

If you have an excess of these outside products in your pool, you can drain your water to ensure it’s clear. We recommend draining your hot tub for this very reason every three to four months or so anyway. Another potential preventative is to shower before you use your hot tub. That may not always be practical, especially if you have guests over, but it is a consideration. 

What Can Cause Cloudy or Smelly Hot Tub Water?

Smelly hot tub water can be caused by a couple of things, but it’s usually related to the amount of sanitizer present. Not enough sanitizer can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria that can cause a bad smell. Too much sanitizer can leave a chemical smell in the water that is also unpleasant. So how do you get the “just right” amount of sanitizer? You use SpaGuard® granular sanitizers or their continuous system for easy management. 

And then, what about cloudy water? If your hot tub water is cloudy it could simply be because your filter needs some attention. Or it could be because your chemicals are imbalanced. Low sanitizer or high calcium can both cause your water to be a little cloudy. That’s why it’s so important to test your chemical levels regularly. With testing, you can pinpoint the issue and use SpaGuard® chemicals to clear your hot tub water quickly and easily. 

For all your SpaGuard® chemical needs, Mastercraft Pool & Spa has got you covered. Also, check out our ultimate hot tub care guide. Give us a call to get what you need or to schedule your regular maintenance. No job is too big or too small for our team.


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